Employee Car-Sharing & Workplace Travel Planning

Why us?

For over 18 years Liftshare has been helping organisations implement and promote green travel.

Whether you are looking to reduce parking and congestion problems, lower carbon emissions, promote healthier and more sustainable ways to get to work or improve accessibility to jobs – we have the tools and know  how to help you achieve change.

" With over 12,000 members, 3,000 Liftshare teams and 7,500 employees sharing their commute, our Liftshare scheme has made a huge difference and has helped us to take hundreds of miles of traffic and congestion off the highways around our sites each year improving journey times and reliability for our employees and logistics operations "

Jaguar Land Rover Travel To Work Team

Over the years NHS Borders has struggled to manage the demand for parking at its hospital site. With 40% of…

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Our innovative products & solutions

Monitoring and reporting

Here is some of the reporting information that is available:

  • Number of employees registered
  • Employees who share a regular journey
  • Number of car miles taken off the road
  • Co2 emissions saved
  • Financial savings to employees
  • Modal shift - % of employees who have change their travel behaviours

If you need us, we are here for you

The Client Engagement Team is here to provide on-demand support and advice via phone, email and site visits. Our expert team can advise on how best to promote your scheme and incentivise employees in order to gain that all important critical mass