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In 2011 Diageo launched a car sharing scheme through Liftshare, as a solution to reduce the business’ carbon footprint by promoting sustainable travel to its workforce. The Liftshare system enables Diageo to monitor and report the success of the scheme, provides information such as CO2 emissions and miles saved, and contributes towards the business’s environmental and sustainability targets.

Diageo recognises the importance of establishing a positive and well publicised scheme, so undertook a number of activities to raise awareness and generate interest. The business assigned ‘champions’ within the workforce to advocate and encourage others to change their travel behaviours and practices. These champions highlight the benefits of shared trips and provide support to influence their colleagues to car share.

Diageo also implemented dedicated car share parking spaces, which have proven to be a strong incentive for staff to sign up to the Liftshare system. The scheme currently has 113 employees registered to share their journeys.

“Liftshare has been a great tool for us on-site in more ways than one; it enables us to promote Diageo’s commitment to caring for the planet, whilst encouraging our employees to do the same.”

Amy O’Donnell, Diageo.


  • Contributes towards environmental and sustainability targets
  • Enhances the ethos of encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst staff
  • Enables employees to network, meet new colleagues and make new friends
  • Personal development opportunities for assigned ‘champions’
  • Preserves the business’ reputation, ensuring growth as a sustainable business
  • Saves employees money – cost saving £21,502*


  • Encourages ‘green thinking’ amongst its workforce
  • Reduces the number of single occupancy vehicles travelling to site, whilst lowering carbon emissions, pollution and noise
  • Saves 40.56 tonnes of CO2 emissions*
  • Saves 206,388 miles through car sharing*

* based on a 12 month forecast from the confirmed journeys through the Liftshare system

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