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As National Grid has grown it has embedded its commitment to drive sustainability into the business at all levels. This was prevalent through the Smart Workplace (SWS) refurbishment plan at its Warwickshire offices. Part of the plan involved designing and implementing a number of travel initiatives to improve and manage access to the site focusing on promoting sustainable modes of transport – this included the launch of a car sharing scheme through Liftshare.

Through the advice of Liftshare, National Grid implemented designated car sharing bays at its head office and issued parking permits to those employees registering to share their journey. This incentive has seen a significant reduction in the number of single occupancy vehicles travelling to National Grid offices and has managed the demand for parking.

Building on the success at its Warwickshire site, National Grid further reviewed its parking infrastructure at other locations; not only encouraging car sharing, but by also by introducing myPTP travel plans through Liftshare. myPTP highlights to employees alternative modes of travel, including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. The plans, as well as National Grid’s investment in improving pedestrian access to sites, installing cycle storage and offering showering/changing facilities, have contributed to employees changing their commuting behaviour.


  • Manages demand for car parking spaces
  • Strengthens relationships with neighbouring businesses and residents
  • Enhances the business’s ethos of encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst staff
  • Enables employees to network, meet new colleagues and make new friends
  • Preserves the business’s reputation, ensuring growth as a sustainable business
  • Saves employees money – cost saving £ 1,570,258*


  • Encourages ‘green thinking’ amongst its workforce
  • Reduces single occupancy vehicles on-site reducing carbon emissions, pollution and noise
  • Contributes towards environmental and sustainability targets
  • Saves 2,090.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions*
  • Saves 6,350,106 miles through car sharing*

* based on a 12 month forecast from the confirmed journeys through the Liftshare system

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