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North Bristol NHS Trust

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North Bristol NHS Trust experienced unprecedented levels of change when two of its hospital sites merged. A Trust-wide Environmental Policy was adopted, and changing travel behaviour was central to this.

The hospital now provides staff with discounted bus tickets, a cycle-to-work scheme, car-sharing benefits and access to myPTP, an online personalised travel plan. Using ‘opt-in’ methodology, the Trust has produced 511 myPTP travel plans to staff, focusing on:

Using the 1:1 function as and when staff request a plan – marketing myPTP through weekly team meetings, staff intranet, screen savers, LCD displays and leaflets in communal areas.

New joiners – embedding, from their first day, the expectation that staff will travel to work in a sustainable way. In the induction process, new employees receive information on sustainable travel options and the support processes which the Trust has in place.

Employees relocating – the travel team visit departments which are relocating, to offer staff support and provide them with myPTPs.

Staff who are declined a parking permit – the permit application scheme has allowed the Trust to ensure that only those with a real need to park onsite are allocated a parking permit. When a permit request is declined, the applicant is sent an email which includes information about myPTP.

What did myPTP achieve? Results show that 43% of respondents said they had considered changing the way they travel as a result of receiving their myPTP. This has led to a modal shift of 18%, which saw single-occupancy vehicle journeys reduce by 17.8%. The number of those who cycle increased by a quarter and the number of bus users doubled. 37.5% of travel to the site is now by more sustainable means.

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  • 511 plans delivered
  • 23% response rate to the follow-up survey
  • 43% looked into changing their travel behaviour as a result of myPTP
  • Modal shift of 18%
  • Single-occupancy vehicle journeys reduced by 17.8%
  • Cycling to work increased by 25%
  • Bus use doubled
  • 37.5% of travel to the site is now by more sustainable methods
  • Park and Ride use increased by 150%

* based on a 12 month forecast from the confirmed journeys through the Liftshare system

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