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As Old Mutual Wealth has grown, it has considered its responsibilities in reducing its environmental impact has been considered. To show the business’s commitment to sustainability, the organisation used the ISO 14001 environmental management standard as a framework to form a policy to reduce its carbon footprint.

Old Mutual Wealth recruited the services of Liftshare as one element of this policy; a process to create change in employees travel behaviour. The business chose Liftshare based on its software which provides easy access to monitoring information and statistics. The system records the business’ environmental impact, and gives figures which contribute to the ISO 14001 accreditation. Old Mutual Wealth achieved the accreditation in 2014.

As well as meeting environmental objectives, the Liftshare scheme also helps reduce demand for parking at Old Mutual Wealth’s Southampton offices. The scheme enables employees to easily find colleagues travelling in the same direction as them and delivers substantial cost savings on commutes. Old Mutual Wealth has seen 10% of its workforce sign up to the Liftshare scheme.


  • Contributes towards environmental and sustainability targets – ISO 14001
  • Manages demand for car parking spaces
  • Enhances the business’ ethos of encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst staff
  • Enables employees to network, meet new colleagues and make new friends
  • Preserves the business’ reputation, ensuring growth as a sustainable business
  • Saves employees money – cost saving £13,308*


  • Encourages ‘green thinking’ amongst its workforce
  • Reduces in single occupancy vehicles on-site reducing carbon emissions, pollution and noise
  • Saves 17.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions*
  • Saves 53,818 miles through car sharing*

* based on a 12 month forecast from the confirmed journeys through the Liftshare system

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