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Case study

Think Money Group


Think Money Group took a strategic decision to relocate its Manchester offices to one site based at Trafford Park. The new location had limited on-site parking and there was a substantial cost to provide additional rented overflow parking. Of the 1,000 employees relocating to the new site, 750 were travelling to work in single occupancy vehicles; but the new offices only had parking for 500.

It was clear that action had to be taken and Think Money Group recruited the services of Liftshare to provide a solution to overcome the shortfall of parking spaces. Ian Williams, the Liftshare Scheme Manager, recognised the importance of ensuring a positive and well publicised scheme, so undertook a number of activities to raise awareness and generate interest. An ongoing competition prize draw of 4 x £50 vouchers for members is drawn every month with the winners promoted via email, which in turn encourages further membership growth.

Dedicated car share spaces have proven to be one of the strongest incentives and the best solution for Think Money Group’s site. Initially 50 on-site dedicated car share parking bays were made available for those who had confirmed they were sharing. The parking bays are ideally situated near the building and act as a constant promotional tool for the Liftshare scheme. It has proven so popular that the number of dedicated car share parking bays has been increased to 70 since!


  • Encourages ‘green thinking’ amongst its workforce
  • Reduces levels of single occupancy vehicles on-site reducing carbon emissions, pollution and noise
  • Contributes towards environmental and sustainability targets
  • Saves 205 tonnes of CO2 emissions*
  • Saves 621,818 miles through car-sharing*


  • Manages demand for car parking spaces – saving the business substantial costs
  • 285 employees confirmed as sharing a regular journey
  • Enhances the business’ ethos of encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst staff
  • Enables employees to network, meet new colleagues and make new friends
  • Preserves the business’ reputation, ensuring growth as a sustainable business
  • Saves employees money – cost saving £153,763*

* based on a 12 month forecast from the confirmed journeys through the Liftshare system

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