Smart Parking - Liftshare business

Smart Parking

This is the technology that connects your Liftshare scheme, Parking Permits and Trip Authentication together into one package, and gives clients reassurance that employees are sharing their commute on a regular basis.

How does it work?

  1. Each day that members car share they validate their trip using the Liftshare Companion App to Trip Authenticate with another car sharer.
  2. They then park in dedicated car sharing bays at work.
  3. The Parking Attendant or Liftshare Scheme Manager scans the QR codes on the Parking Permits through the windscreens of the cars in the dedicated car share bays.
    They can then see the status of the permit on their device, and see whether the members in that Liftshare team have validated their trip that very day.

They can then enforce their parking restrictions as they wish; if car sharers are the only ones allowed to park there, and the member has not validated their journey that day – they may be given a ticket or banned from particular areas of the car park for a period of time, for example.


Monitoring on the dashboard

The back-end reporting that Liftshare Scheme Managers can see on their dashboard offers deep insights into who is car sharing and how often they are doing so, where the journeys are being validated and more!


Dashboard - permits