AppyWay and Liftshare now offer a joint solution enabling businesses and local authorities to manage their corporate car parking, and further incentivise car sharing amongst staff.

AppyWay is a UK based tech start-up that utilises sensor technology to enable smarter parking.

The new system will mean that companies with the cutting-edge technology can see which of their standard AND dedicated car sharing parking bays are occupied, and whether there are non-valid cars parked in them, i.e. those that have not confirmed their car share using Liftshare’s app technology that day. This enables complete visibility of parking management.

The integration between the Liftshare dashboard and AppyWay system also allows businesses to track and monitor the car sharing activity of staff, with measurable impacts on the environment and money saved by staff displayed on the Liftshare dashboard.


  • Seamless integration; Having AppyWay and Liftshare talk to each other makes monitoring carpark activity much easier.
  • Informative insights; expose real time and historic occupancy of your car sharing bays.
  • Incentives; by proving car sharing you can reward those that do so.
  • Drive Engagement with employees:
    • Reward authenticated parking
    • Deal with non-shared vehicles in carsharing bays
    • Notify your employees in the morning if there are car park access issues straight to the Liftshare App
  • Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicles coming to site; as more users see the ease of proving a carshare, and knowing they get priority parking, spaces in your car park are better utilised.

Liftshare CEO, Ali Clabburn, said of the collaboration, “We’re very excited to be working with AppyWay. The opportunity to collaborate with companies like AppyWay means that clients get a much better solution than if we worked in silo. After all, we’re all about sharing. Our goal of taking 1 billion miles off UK roads by 2020 is even more achievable when we work with others to share our vision.”

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