BetterPoints is an app-based technology company that tracks movement and travel methods and rewards users based on the behaviours that the clients wish to encourage. The data is also incredibly useful to be able to analyse travel patterns and activities.

BetterPoints and Liftshare have created an integration to link the respective systems. This enables organisations to incentivise active and shared travel amongst staff and members of the public to contribute to effective and long-term behaviour change.

How do the systems work together?

Liftshare system – facilitates car-sharing by helping users find matches, but doesn’t have an in-built rewards system

BetterPoints – tracking data allows companies to incentivise behaviour they want to encourage (like car-sharing) but no in-built system to help users find matches to share

Integration – combined, these two systems offer a complete end-to-end solution for organisations and local authorities who wish to encourage and reward sustainable actions, all while giving users the tools and incentives to change their behaviour for the better

Working together during COVID-19

The partnership is even more relevant at this time when companies are trying to encourage staff to walk and cycle to work in an effort to avoid public transport as these modes can be incentivised using the BetterPoints app. The focus can then include start to include car-sharing once the pandemic has ended and people are travelling more normally.


  • Reward sustainable behaviours – whether it’s walking, cycling or car-sharing, set the rewards for specific modes of travel to incentivise the ones that will make the biggest difference to your organisation
  • Real cash rewards – the system generates points for every journey which can then be redeemed for gift vouchers at high-street and online retailers
  • Help staff to share – not only by rewarding them, but giving them the platform to be able to find matches, will drive uptake in new, sustainable behaviours

Liftshare CEO, Ali Clabburn, said of the collaboration, “We’ve been rewarding our members for sharing for over 20 years. They’re doing a brilliant thing that has so many benefits, so being able to track rewards on the app and accumulate them through each car share is fantastic! With this new integration we’re incentivising the behaviour that will help reduce emissions and save the planet, all while earning money. What’s not to love?”

If you would like to know more about the technology and how it could work within your business, contact Liftshare on 01603 389321 or email for further details.

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