Why local authorities choose a regional Liftshare scheme

Liftshare, the UK’s leading car-sharing network, are currently responsible for organising 61 County-wide schemes, working with 75% of all local authorities across the UK. The exponential take up of these County-wide focussed schemes demonstrates the value that can be gained from providing a bespoke car-share solution for an area as opposed to simply relying on the generic promotion of a National website.

Advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Branded client sites focus on helping commuters, employers and communities (although they can also be used for one off trips)
    • com focusses on one off trips (although users can use it for commuting)


  • With car sharing there is no expensive infrastructure. The two costs are investing in buying the right system and promoting it. In all our experience – promoting a local service is far more effective than promoting a national scheme. A small amount of money invested in promoting a locally recognised brand reaps huge rewards as there is local ownership, awareness and support.


  • Having a group means the client:
    • has access to the real time monitoring pages
    • can therefore monitor the impact of any marketing
    • can use the service to open conversations with businesses
    • can work jointly with those businesses to maximise update.
    • can access an api of the data which they could e.g. feed into any local journey planners they run
    • can easily contact all their members
    • can get access to the free mobile app for groups


  • The typical benefit cost ratio of having a Liftshare regional scheme is >30:1


If you’d like to know more contact jemma@liftshare.com



Jon Scutt

Author Jon Scutt


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