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“Liftshare have worked extremely hard to help me to promote our scheme to staff and have ensured the best possible launch and get staff regularly car sharing. Their expertise and knowledge of how to convert members to confirmed sharers has been invaluable to making regular car sharing a reality on site.”

Darren Rogers, Health & Fitness Manager – Bentley


Liftshare first started working with Bentley Motors to help resolve some parking issues they were having at their Cheshire site. We started solving this problem immediately by setting up a bespoke Liftshare platform for their staff. We also consulted on the best way to communicate with staff about the benefits of the scheme and had a real impact on modal shift and the behavioural change of employees in an industrial and manufacturing setting.

Bentley currently have an amazing member to confirmed sharer ratio of 68%, which is a huge achievement and well above average. The Liftshare scheme is seen as a real benefit for staff with the savings involved. It also helps people access the site who might not have been able to get there easily using public transport.

Bentley Motors were also the first company we’ve worked with who have implemented an e-learning course to be able to educate staff who don’t have access to company emails about the benefits of Liftshare and how easy the process is. It is now part of the standard induction process for new starters at the company.


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