Case study | Eastleigh Borough Council

Eastleigh Borough Council decided to move office as part of a long-term vision to relocate closer to the town centre to better serve residents, becoming more visible and accessible to the community.

To help with the move Eastleigh Borough Council used myPTP travel plans through Liftshare. A strategy to improve and manage access to the new site focusing on promoting sustainable modes of transport. The move was an opportunity to encourage employees to change their behaviour and consider walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing.

Using the ‘opt-in’ methodology, the Council produced 160 plans using the 1:1 function. Staff members were then further given the chance to receive a personalised travel plan to the new office by way of a tick box on the annual travel survey.

The travel survey was sent out to all staff in August 2013 and had 189 staff members respond to it. Out of the respondents, there was a very high opt-in rate of 163 staff requesting a myPTP.

The follow-up survey was automatically sent to members of staff that had received a plan and was able to gather data about their past travel behaviour.

Results showed that 34% of respondents said they had considered changing the way they travelled as a result of receiving their myPTP. This led to a modal shift of 26%, which saw Single Occupancy Vehicle journeys reduce by 32.4%. The number of those that cycled increased by 80% and train use more than doubled.

Eastleigh Borough Council are now implementing myPTP as part of their New Starter process, encouraging staff to travel more sustainability from day one as they work out their new commute.

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