Case study | Jaguar Land Rover

In 2015, Jaguar Land Rover recruited the services of Liftshare to embed car sharing as a sustainable mode of transport for employees traveling to work. Since then, car sharing has not only contributed to lowering the carbon footprint of Jaguar Land Rover’s operations, but has also eased the demand for parking at its sites and reduced traffic in the local community.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Travel to Work Manager, Sam Fraser, successfully manages the Liftshare scheme on a day-to-day basis. She has influenced colleagues to change their travel behaviour and engaged employees at all levels. Over 10,000 staff members have registered on the Liftshare platform and 5,000 of these have confirmed as sharing on a daily basis. Benefits like designated car sharing parking bays have incentivised employees to journey match with colleagues. These bays guarantee car sharers a parking space on-site – contributing to the success of the scheme.

The cost-effective solution has also been a great employee benefit, with one staff member reducing the cost of their commute by £3,000 per year! Car sharing is a benefit which supports staff needs, delivers business productivity and efficiently manages site resources.

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