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Johnson Matthey is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations, whilst attracting and retaining a talented, loyal, and productive workforce. As its business continues to grow, its car parking infrastructure has come under significance strain – which has a negative impact on employees, neighbouring residents and businesses.

To help protect Johnson Matthey’s reputation, the company has taken the steps to increase the capacity of available parking for staff by renting additional space from private land owners. But this, comes at a cost. Knowing that this was not an appropriate long term fix Johnson Matthey introduced a car sharing scheme through Liftshare; to reduce the demand on parking, to present financial savings to the business, and to contribute to its sustainability commitments.

The scheme at its Royston offices currently has 106 employees sharing their commute, reducing 64 single occupancy vehicles traveling to site. Johnson Matthey is aware that allocating a car park on site specifically to car sharers would generate further growth of the scheme, and are hoping to implement in the future.

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