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Ocado, the online retailer, recognises that its workforce is inherent to the success of the business. To fulfil its mission to offer a world class, sustainable and reliable service to its customers, Ocado knows it has to attract the best talent. The business has been effective in meeting the significant challenge of recruiting the level of employees required for its continuous growth. The formula to this success has included the introduction of a car-sharing scheme through Liftshare.

Ocado’s Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) in Warwickshire employs around 2,000 staff. Access to the site is via a dual carriageway, so sustainable travel solutions such as walking and cycling are limited – which means the main mode of transport is by car. As Ocado grows its workforce, the need to attract people from various different local labour markets is recognised. The introduction of a car-sharing scheme provides a sustainable solution, that not only attracts people to Ocado but assists in retaining employees by offering cost savings too.

When recruiting, Ocado emphasises its desire to encourage employees to share their journeys and promotes this through their induction process. Time is given to employees to register on the system and find matches with colleagues travelling in their direction. Offering incentives such as free breakfasts, parking spaces, competitions and a guaranteed ride home (alternative transport to take employees home in case of an emergency) has encouraged 36% of the workforce registering to share their journey.

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