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As Whitbread has grown, the challenge to ensure environmental impact is managed has grown too . Its head office in Bedfordshire identified many staff driving single occupancy vehicles as a daily mode of transport to work. With the site having limited parking, a key tactic used to reduce the number of cars travelling to this location was the launch and promotion of a car sharing scheme through Liftshare – its aim to alleviate parking congestion and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Whitbread was aware that engaging employees in its sustainability mission was essential for success. With a small minority of staff opposing car sharing, Whitbread used Liftshare’s experience and knowledge in behavioural change to overcome the initial resistance – through developing and implementing a six week launch campaign; gaining the all-important critical mass.

To further encourage journey sharing amongst team members, designated car sharing parking bays were introduced, guaranteeing those employees who share their commute a priority parking space on-site – an incentive that has helped grow the scheme. The success of the Liftshare initiative has been down to Whitbread’s commitment to engage employees at all levels and to promote car sharing as a sustainable mode of transport.

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