Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for commuters

(Last Updated 12/5/2022)


The government has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England (sources: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support – GOV.UK ( guidance sets out how to live safely with COVID-19 – GOV.UK (


Northern Ireland

The Northern Irish Executive continues to recommend working from home where possible. Where people from different households need to use a vehicle at the same time, good ventilation (keeping the car windows open) and facing away from each other is advised to reduce the risk of transmission.

You can see the full guidance here:



The Welsh Government car sharing advice remains unchanged, with car sharing not recommended if social distancing cannot be maintained. Where necessary however, vehicle users should regularly clean regularly touched surfaces such as door handles and the steering wheel. Masks should be worn and journey durations kept as short as possible.

You can see the full guidance here:



All covid rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland (source: Coronavirus in Scotland – (


We understand how important it is to support communities to travel safely as restrictions lift following the COVID-19 pandemic. This document is intended to help inform commuters reduce the risk of transmission when car-sharing, which remains one of the cheapest, most convenient and environmentally friendly ways to reduce your commuter emissions.


Liftshare advocate for safe and responsible car sharing, inviting users to ensure their vehicle is well ventilated and regularly cleaned, particularly areas such as the steering wheel and door handles.  Regular handwashing and sanitising is advised and we support car sharers wearing masks where appropriate or comfortable.

Lift sharing guidance for commuters:

If sharing with another household, limit the number of people to as few as possible and try to share with the same person each time.

Optimise distance between people in the vehicle, for example by the passenger sitting in back left-hand seat of a car.

Occupants in the car, including the driver, should wear a face covering provided it does not compromise driver safety in any way.

Clean door handles and other areas that people may touch between journeys using gloves and standard cleaning products.

Perform hand hygiene. Avoid physical contact, face away from each other and have good ventilation (keep the car windows open).

Use your organisation’s online Liftshare scheme (if you have one) to help you find a colleague to share with and to help keep track of who is sharing each day

Checklists for safer travel

  • Plan your journey
  • Can I walk or cycle to my destination?
  • Have I checked the latest travel advice?
  • Have I planned my journey to minimise crowded areas and allow for delays?
  • Am I taking the most direct route to my destination?

What to take with you

  • Phone (if needed for travel updates, tickets, contactless payments)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Essential medicines
  • Tissues
  • A face covering, if required