Corporate Social Responsibility

Liftshare works with over 700 organisations to minimise the negative impact of their operations by promoting positive change.


Liftshare’s car-sharing and travel planning products deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders, to include:

  • Increasing employee engagement by aiding staff to meet new colleagues and network with one another through car-sharing
  • Recruiting and retaining the best staff by promoting car-sharing to stop transport being a barrier to work
  • Presenting car-sharing as an employee benefit offering significant savings to staff of up to £1000p/a
  • Minimising the negative impact on local communities by reducing congestion
  • Lowering CO2 emissions by offering sustainable workplace travel choices
  • Encouraging ‘green thinking’ amongst the workforce

Monitoring and report information

What makes Liftshare’s products unique over other car-sharing providers is its monitoring facility, which provides data on member usage and behaviours relating to individual schemes. This data is a great way for businesses to measure their reduction of CO2 emissions through journey sharing, which can contribute to environmental goals.

Here is just some of the reporting information available:

  • Modal shift – % of employees who have changed their travel behaviours
  • Employees who share a regular journey
  • CO2 emissions saved
  • Number of car miles taken off the road
  • Number of employees registered
  • Financial savings to employees

As well as contributing towards sustainability targets, many Liftshare clients use the monitoring information to provide data for their ISO 14001 environmental standard, to calculate the financial benefit of journey sharing to employees and to measure the impact on the local community by collecting information on how many miles the business has taken off the road.

Sustainable travel can unlock significant wider benefits for your business. Liftshare can support you to plan and implement cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding results.

“Liftshare has been a great tool for us on-site in more ways than one; it enables us to promote Diageo’s commitment to caring for the planet, whilst encouraging our employees to do the same.”

Amy O’Donnell – Diageo


“Liftshare was chosen for its simplicity of use and friendly approach. The scheme has proven a great success with over 800 employees using the system. Car-sharing has become an integral part of our Green Travel Pan which has been recognised as one of the top 15 Green Travel plans in the Country.”

Mark Taylor – Bentley Motors

44.2% of Liftshare members said car-sharing made their journey less stressful*

*2016 survey of 850 Liftshare members

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