Commuting makes up 5% of the UK’s total emissions – 18 billion kg of CO2e annually

In 1998 I started Liftshare with the desire to make car-sharing as normal as recycling. I wanted to fill the 36 million empty seats travelling on our roads every day.

Over the last two decades we have enabled 745,000 members to share their commute, and have helped thousands of organisations make data-driven decisions on sustainable mobility planning and policy.

We’ve developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all areas of the commute, and are the creators of ACEL© (Average Commuter Emissions Level); enabling organisations to report, benchmark and reduce a massive portion of their carbon footprint.

For the decade ahead we have broadened our ambition...
We’re on a mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality.

Ali Clabburn, Founder & CEO, Liftshare

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To have at least a 50 percent chance of success (which in itself is an unacceptably high level of risk), we must cut global emissions to half their current levels by 2030, half again by 2040, and finally to net zero by 2050 at the very latest.

Christiana Figueres, UN Diplomat & Author

"The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis"

Thank you to all of our members and clients...

...who are helping to improve air quality and congestion in their region. Imagine how much we could achieve if we worked with every company and local authority in the UK.

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Benchmark your organisation’s
Average Commuter Emissions Level

Calculating your ACEL (Average Commuter Emissions Level) for your organisation will allow you to quickly identify the modes of travel that are emitting the highest levels of CO2, allowing you to set targets and implement changes to reduce this.

All you need is your organisation's last travel survey.

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