delivers average modal shift of

Personal travel plans


Deliver personalised travel plans, quickly, easily and cost effectively

Help your employees plan their commute either by themselves (using our software on your website or intranet), or on a larger scale to target clusters of employees with travel plans; delivering the best commuting options for them to travel to work.

The myPTP tool is the only journey planner in the UK that gives you public transport, walking and cycling results AS WELL AS car sharing matches in one place to be able to make an informed, yet independent decision on how you can best travel to your place of work.

The myPTP results were extremely well received, often producing journey opportunities such as cycling, public transport or car sharing that staff had not considered.
John Davis - Travel Plan Co-ordinator – Wakefield Council

How myPTP can help your organisation

Improve access to work - recruit and retain employees

Reduce stress on car parks and people

Support your health and wellbeing initiatives

Deliver sustainability objectives

Ease strain on local congestion

Helps aid the relocation of premises and people

Features that deliver change

If you are looking for a walking route planner, a train times journey planner or just a simple tool to help with your UK Car Park Management, myPTP will work for your organisation.

Personal travel plans are delivered in under a minute
Plans can be emailed directly to the recipient or viewed online through an interactive page of results
Plans includes all viable travel options, journey length, times, number of changes, and modes of public transport - including multi-modal journeys
Street and satellite views help provide employees with the confidence to try alternative modes of travel for the first time
Figures are given for petrol costs, CO2 emissions, and calories burnt for journeys displayed
Both individual and bulk upload options for PTP creation

myPTP works across the UK, so whether you want a London journey planner or help with your parking management in Birmingham, the tool uses Google Route Planner to ensure that every location is covered.

myPTP plans includes all modes of transport

car share

myPTP now also includes…

cycle and ride
drive and ride
park and ride

myPTP can support an existing corporate car sharing scheme

myPTP highlights to employees who may have never thought of sharing their journey, how many colleagues are travelling in their direction on a daily basis. It plots their route for them and plans their journey from start to finish allowing them to get to work on time by specifying departure or arrival times

I have currently co-ordinated over 900 myPTPs. Not only is it a fantastic tool, very easy to use, but we are really seeing the benefits to the end user.
Melanie – Travel Planning Co-ordinator - Capita Symonds Council

myPTP website widget

myPTP can now be delivered as a consumer facing travel planning tool in the form of a widget, which can be embedded onto your internet or intranet site. The widget allows people to gain access to information on their available travel options; giving them the opportunity to make more sustainable choices.

Designed to ensure fit with any website design including mobile responsive sites
Usage can be limited by restricting search locations or on an authenticated page
The plan can be delivered directly to the users email inbox

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