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Professional Services

Liftshare Professional Services provides our clients with dedicated resource who will support and consult with you on the planning, implementation and success of your Liftshare products.

Our experienced professional services team will help you get the most out of your chosen Liftshare products.

They will act as an extension to your team and are focused on implementing your scheme in a way that meets your business objectives.

Resource time is precious to any organisation; So whether it’s onsite or virtual support for drafting car share policies or running a promotional campaign, Liftshare Professional Services will support you in the following ways:

Business case/implementation plan strategy to realise the actual impact that Liftshare products can have on your organisation
Advisory packs to evidence the opportunities of sustainable transport to relevant stakeholders
Training workshops, 1:1 or to teams, to maximise the use of the platform and the statistics available
Marketing materials and copy tailored to your employees to encourage behaviour change
Scheme success launch campaigns onsite, tailored mandatory presentations and active floor walks to build momentum and awareness
Scheme booster days to reinforce messaging to new and existing employees, break down barriers to car sharing and drive engagement
Measurable combined objectives to validate success and future planning

A days training with the Liftshare team has given me the confidence going forward to promote the scheme and answer any queries colleagues may have, from info on the scheme itself to website guidance. Through the training we developed a personalised strategy, unique to my work place which will provide structure, making sure we are on track going forward. We developed ambitious but achievable targets to make sure we are getting the most out of our Liftshare venture.

James Hills, Sustainable Travel Coordinator, Birmingham Airport


Using Professional Services helps businesses launch, maintain and report on their Liftshare products.

Liftshare has been in the business since 1998, so we know what our clients want and how we can best help them achieve their goals.

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