Smart Parking


Smart Parking helps businesses who have issues with a severe lack of parking, congestion problems in the surrounding area and want real-time validation of who is car sharing in your business.


Smart Parking has been designed to give you the ability to track car sharing on a daily basis within your organisation.

This enables you to efficiently manage your car park, provide priority parking to those who are sharing and allow you to reward those that do. Smart Parking also enables you to monitor any abuse of the dedicated Liftshare parking bays that you implement.

Using QR code technology and the Liftshare App, car sharers in your scheme confirm their car sharing by scanning another’s device for instant authentication.


Smart Parking allows you to see on your Liftshare dashboard how many authenticated trips have taken place:


Dashboard - authenticated trips


Liftshare scheme managers can monitor engagement on their client dashboard, and easily see which members have “authenticated” and when and where they have done so. This provides reassurance to your business in knowing your employees are sharing their commute to work.


Dashboard - authenticated trips map


Clients are able to see where the journeys are being authenticated meaning they can prevent the abuse of the car sharing scheme. Car sharers are trained to authenticate their journey when the passenger is picked up, so if trip authentications are happening on site, the Liftshare Scheme Manager can see they are not using the service correctly.


Dashboard - authorised trips


Liftshare Scheme Managers can see real-time and historic permit scans. This means they are able to see whether the scheme is being utilised correctly on the day, but also look back on previous permit scans showing whether members trip authenticated and parked correctly on a certain date.


How does it work?

  1. Each day that members car share they validate their trip using the Liftshare Companion App to Trip Authenticate with another car sharer.
  2. They then park in dedicated car sharing bays at work*.
  3. The Parking Attendant or Liftshare Scheme Manager scans the QR codes on the Parking Permits through the windscreens of the cars in the dedicated car share bays.
    They can then see the status of the permit on their device, and see whether the members in that Liftshare team have validated their trip that very day.
  4. They can then enforce their parking restrictions as they wish; if car sharers are the only ones allowed to park there, and the member has not validated their journey that day – they may be given a ticket or banned from particular areas of the car park for a period of time, for example.


Dashboard - permits


*What if I don’t have the option to offer dedicated car sharing bays?

Liftshare works with many clients who have varying budgets, car park setups and authorisation over their employee car parking space.

“Our business rents our car park from a provider that is not to do with us so we’re not permitted to paint car sharing bays, or add additional signs to the car park.

Liftshare helped me train my staff and promote my scheme in such a way that clearly marked signs were not needed. They are now working with us to talk to the car park provider, which will hopefully lead us to having dedicated car sharing bays for the future.”

“I share my car park with other businesses, and there is no clearly marked area for each businesses employees, making the implementation of dedicated car sharing bays a concern.

Liftshare facilitated the other businesses in the Business Park to meet and introduced car sharing to them as well. Now the business park has a car sharing scheme, rather than just us, so the costs are shared for the scheme, and my employees are happier because they now have other businesses employees to share with also!”