Smart Parking: Optimise your Parking by sharing

The complete car-sharing tool for your organisation.

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Connect drivers with passengers and lower the number of cars travelling to your site each day.

Use Smart Parking technology to verify car-sharers and validate that they have shared their commute.

Smart Parking technology is helping

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Smart Parking helps businesses who have issues with a severe lack of parking, congestion problems in the surrounding area and want real-time validation of who is car sharing in their business.


Smart Parking has been designed to give you the ability to track car sharing on a daily basis within your organisation. This enables you to efficiently manage your car park, provide priority parking to those who are sharing and allow you to reward those that do. Smart Parking also enables you to monitor any abuse of the dedicated Liftshare parking bays that you implement. Using QR code technology and the Liftshare App, car sharers in your scheme confirm they are car sharing by scanning another’s device for instant authentication.


Smart Parking allows you to see on your Liftshare dashboard how many authenticated trips have taken place.

Liftshare scheme managers can monitor engagement on their client dashboard, and easily see which members have “authenticated” and when and where they have done so. This provides reassurance to your business in knowing your employees are sharing their commute to work.

See where the journeys are being authenticated to prevent abuse of the car sharing scheme.

Liftshare Scheme Managers can see real-time and historic permit scans.

Connect your Liftshare Smart Parking with AppyWay sensors

AppyWay and Liftshare now offer a joint solution enabling businesses and local authorities to manage their corporate car parking, and further incentivise car sharing amongst staff.

Connect your Liftshare Smart Parking with the BetterPoints rewards technology

Liftshare and BetterPoints work together to allow organisations to incentivise active and shared travel amongst staff to contribute to effective and long-term behaviour change.

Smart Parking Case studies:

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