Liftshare have enjoyed a strategic partnership with public transport bus providers, Stagecoach, since 2016. By working together, both companies can better serve the needs of commuters and offer viable alternatives to travelling alone.

Stagecoach recognises that achieving significantly higher levels of organic growth on its local bus services requires behavioural change on the part of travellers who are currently driving alone.
However, to achieve this requires exceptionally fine-scale targeting of potential customers, before securing and holding their attention in a way that permits relevant information to be put before them to address the multiple barriers and objections that typically underpin behavioural inertia.
By working with Liftshare and using our Scoping Smart Mobility Tool, stagecoach have visibility of places where public-transport does not exist, or has poor coverage. This means areas in which there are large clusters of commuters, but not a viable public transport service for them to get to their place of work.

For example, this image (to the right) shows a cluster of commuters where it takes 3 times longer to get the bus to their employer’s HQ than it is to drive; resulting in those commuters driving rather than using the public transport option. By Stagecoach seeing the above information they can identify where existing services can be optimised, or additional services added to their system to facilitate increased sustainable travel.

Liftshare and Stagecoach have already worked together at many key employers’ sites, and large scale employment areas such as distribution and logistics parks.



If you would like to know more about the technology and how it could work within your business, contact Liftshare on 01603 389321 or email for further details.

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