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Wolseley UK is the country’s largest supplier of building materials, with trade customers, such as plumbers and builders, accounting for the largest proportion of its sales. They launched their Liftshare Scheme in November 2018 at their headquarters in Warwick.     By producing a Scoping Smart Mobility report Liftshare identified that 65% of Wolseley…

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On behalf of AstraZeneca I would like to invite you to discuss the practical steps businesses can take to encourage behaviour change and promote sustainable travel within the workplace. (more…)

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Encouraging employees to liftshare can bring big benefits for businesses, and Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside is the latest notable name to launch their own liftsharing scheme. (more…)

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Liftshare the UK largest car sharing provider has been using its 17 years’ experience to support and grow carpooling across Europe. CHUMS, an Intelligent Energy  Europe (IEE) project, has used this knowledge and best practice to make commuters more aware of the existence and suitability of journey sharing as a mode of transport to work.

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Ordnance Survey have 850 people travel to their site each day, they were looking to reduce parking demand by 25% and chose Liftshare to help… (more…)

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Over the past 6 months, we’ve really been able to expand the way in which myPTP can be used. We now have the ability to use Google places via the 1:1 search which means that we’re able to do searches based on locations, rather than knowing the exact postcode, making it much easier for face-to-face delivery.

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