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We’re always very proud of what we do here at Liftshare. From our recent re-brand to new product launches such as Smart Parking, helping to give Chloe access to work and saving Jaguar Land Rover £1.5 million annually in reduction of additional parking and maintenance costs.

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  Updated on 28.01.2019   At Liftshare we work with over 700 clients, made up of a diverse range of organisations, ranging from hospitals, councils and universities to manufacturers, fulfilment centres and corporate offices. Amongst those is Jaguar Land Rover, the world-famous car manufacturer, headquartered in the UK. Liftshare has been supporting Jaguar Land Rover with their car share requirements since 2011,…

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To embed its commitment to sustainability and act as a responsible neighbour, Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a car-sharing scheme through Liftshare as part of their Green Travel Plan. The scheme was put in place to reduce traffic on local roads, ease the demand for parking on-site and to save the business and its employee’s considerable money.

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Car-sharing can help corporate organisations achieve many goals, including: reducing the need for physical space for parking, improving accessibility, cutting C02 emissions, saving employees a substantial amount of money and building stronger internal relationships. (more…)

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So, what’s the story? How can you reduce parking costs so significantly? The organisation mentioned in the headline had 770 single occupancy vehicles on site at the point of contacting Liftshare. In order to facilitate this number of vehicles they were paying for additional spaces at the cost of £400 per space…

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