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May celebrates National Walking month, organised by Living Streets – the UK’s charity for every day walking. For 19-64 year olds, the recommended time of weekly physical activity is 150 minutes. That’s just over 21 minutes a day. However, NHS statistics show that ¼ of adults in that age bracket do less than 30 minutes of physical activity… a…

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility an organisation has for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. Whilst it used to be simply a “nice to have”, today, CSR is expected of all organisations. And it is one of the reasons that many of the UK’s biggest businesses are working with Liftshare. Diageo…

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Wednesday 15th August marks cycle to work day – conditions are set to be dry but warm for the day in the UK, so fill up a water bottle, slap on some sunscreen, pop on your helmet and get peddling! So far, 315, 412 miles have been pledged to the commuting…

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Introducing myPTP into your workplace to deliver personal travel plans (PTP) to your employees, promotes alternative journey choices to your workforce being the ideal tool to use to ensure employees can get to the office during this week’s tube strike. (more…)

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Map-reading skills are under threat because of a growing reliance on smartphones and sat-navs, experts say. The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) said increasing dependence on technology means people are losing the ability to find their way by traditional methods. More than one in eight of the population now has a smartphone or sat-nav device which can deliver extraordinarily detailed…

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As a nation we have come to rely on the car for mobility.  The most popular journey purpose is shopping, whether to the corner shop to buy the newspapers, the weekly trip by car to the supermarket or the expedition to a shopping centre for less frequent purchases.  After shopping comes, in descending order, commuting to work, visiting friends,…

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