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So far, we’ve covered how Liftshare can help your organisation to reduce the demand for parking and achieve its sustainability goals but have you ever considered how Liftshare can aid recruitment and retention for your business? With employment rate at its highest since 1971, recruiting the best person for the job may be restricted, particularly if your…

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A recent report from Protecting.co.uk revealed that the average British worker spends £5,000 per year just getting to work and buying work-related items, before they even get through the front door of the office or workplace. (more…)

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For Ocado to fufil its mission to offer a world class, sustainable and reliable service to its customers, it knows it has to attract the best talent. Ocado has been effective in meeting the significant challenge of recruiting the level of employees required for its continuous growth. Key to this success has included the introduction of a car-sharing scheme through Liftshare….

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A new report says that the Government should do more to help commuters travel further to work. “Making it easier for people to commute twenty minutes further would put them in touch with at least one major urban area and potentially 10,000 more job opportunities.”

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Major occupiers on North Warwickshire Business Park were struggling with growth due to an exhausted labour market. Yet in a town just 12 miles away the largest group of unemployed residents in Warwickshire resided.  But this potential pool of labour was unable to access the Park because of a lack of viable transport options. This prompted the formation of a…

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