Trip Authentication

How Liftshare users can prove they have shared a journey

The Liftshare Trip Authentication service gives you the monitoring access to track that your employees are sharing their commute to work.

For years Liftshare has been advancing its technologies in not only ensuring that we find our members the best matches with others travelling to the same place, nearby or on route, but also how we can help our clients track and validate who is sharing a journey within their business. Liftshare was the first in its sector to launch Trip Authentication, where members can use the Liftshare App to authenticate their commute to work.

We understand your employees need a process that is easy and safe to use, that incentivises them to Liftshare. Liftshare scheme managers can monitor engagement on our client dashboard, and easily see which members have “authenticated” and when and where they have done so. This provides reassurance to your business in knowing your employees are sharing their commute to work.


Why is validating the sharing of journeys important?

Allocate parking spaces (dedicated car share bays) and parking permits for authenticated car sharers
Validate whether those using priority/car share parking spaces are indeed sharing their journey with another colleague.
Tracks location of where the trip was authenticated and where the trip ends
Use the Liftshare dashboard to monitor and track cumulative numbers of authenticated car share trips and reward accordingly
Increases the accuracy of monetary savings based on actual authenticated trips<
Measure environmental impact based on accurate mileage covered by car sharing employees
Other benefits
Members can track how many times they have authenticated their commute
Liftshare Scheme Managers can see WHERE their staff are Trip Authenticating, this means that you can make sure your staff are not trip authenticating on site

How does it work?


1. Find someone to share with and form a Liftshare team

2. Using the Liftshare Companion App, on arrival to pick up the passenger(s), in a safe place and parked with the engine off, the driver selects Trip Authentication and generates a QR validation code


3. The passenger scans the QR code, using the Liftshare App on their phone, before continuing the rest of the journey together.

4. The Liftshare Scheme Manager can log in to their dashboard and see which of their Liftshare members has authenticated their Liftshare trips to their place of work.


We know that our clients want proof that users are sharing and authenticating their trips on a regular basis, we can offer guidance on how you can incentivise your staff to authenticate:

Example: If you Trip Authenticate 8 times this month you could be in with a chance of winning a £200 amazon voucher

Example: Every day you authenticate your trip, you are entitled to a free coffee in the canteen.

Example: If you trip authenticate you can park in one of the dedicated Liftshare bays at the front of the office.

The Liftshare Companion App is free to download on the App store for Android and IOS; to activate the Trip Authentication Software talk to Liftshare today!

If you’re an existing member get in touch with your Client Engagement Manager to find out more.

If you’re interested in the trip authentication software but are not already a client of ours – call us on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us


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