Car-sharing could potentially put you in touch with 10,000 more job opportunities

A new report says that the Government should do more to help commuters travel further to work. “Making it easier for people to commute twenty minutes further would put them in touch with at least one major urban area and potentially 10,000 more job opportunities.”

The report, published today by Policy Exchange, highlighted a number of examples where making it more affordable to travel further to work would open up improved job prospects.

“On the Move” found that councils without a major employment area raised their employment rate to “above average” when commuters increased their journey time by 20 minutes.

The report suggested offering tax benefits to commuters who use journey-sharing schemes like Liftshare and to offer free parking in city centres for car-sharing.

Damian Hind, author of the report, said: “Reducing the costs associated with longer commutes is one of the best ways to boost employment and wages.”

Full report can be read here: ‘On the Move’ report

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