Exeter University issues free parking permits to employees car-sharing

University of Exeter is one of the largest employers in the city employing approx. 2200 employees. Due to the location of the university and the geography of the local area, a large number of employees commute to work alone increasing the demand for car parking spaces on site. Public transport is not an option for many members of staff and large commuter distances makes sustainable travel alternatives such as walking or cycling unfeasible. A car sharing scheme through Liftshare seemed a logical solution to ease the pressure on the oversubscribed car park and encourage single occupancy vehicle workers to car-share.

• Increase the number of dedicated car-share parking spaces from 36 to 100
• Free car parking permits to those car-sharing
• Provide clear signage for dedicated car sharing spaces
• Introduce Emergency Travel Home Scheme (GRH) to ensure employees can get home in case of an emergency
• Increased promotion of car-sharing and the benefits

• 581 employees have signed up as car-sharing members
• 36% of those who are registered are confirmed as sharing (209 members)!
• 43% of those who are now sharing used to drive alone
• Collectively, those who are sharing will save an estimated 285.1 tonnes of CO2 in the next 12 months

For more information on the details of the University of Exeter’s car-share scheme
follow this link – University of Exeter Car-sharing scheme

Jon Scutt

Author Jon Scutt


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