Liftshare uses its expertise to promote car-sharing growth across Europe

Liftshare the UK largest car sharing provider has been using its 17 years’ experience to support and grow carpooling across Europe. CHUMS, an Intelligent Energy  Europe (IEE) project, has used this knowledge and best practice to make commuters more aware of the existence and suitability of journey sharing as a mode of transport to work.

The project has been working across Europe in the following cities; Craiova, Edinburgh, Leuven, Toulouse, Perugia. All of the 5 cities had existing car-sharing schemes, at various stages of maturity, which serve closed target groups such as work-places, large employers or universities.

Project aims;

–          Reduce single occupancy car trips

–          Promote modal shift to more sustainable forms of travel

–          Build a reputation that attracts, matches and retains car-sharers

–          Offer innovative and creative solutions that make car-sharing more appealing

–          Reduce car-parking congestion

–          Intensify the already good relationship established with partners

–          Share best practice with regional and international stakeholders

The CHUMS behaviour change measures include;

–         Dedicated car-sharing week

–         Personalised travel plans to include car-sharing options

–         Mobility jackpot lottery to attract people to car-share.

For further information on the Liftshare partnerships and the CHUMS project visit

Jon Scutt

Author Jon Scutt


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