Worst towns and cities in the UK for road rage

A first in its kind study by Privilege Insurance revealed that Lincolnshire residents are the worst in the UK for losing their temper behind the wheel, closely followed by Portsmouth and Peterborough.

Surprisingly, London places only 13th, despite the capital’s reputation for congestion and unfriendly drivers.

Impatience and basic bad manners were the prime cause of most situations, with ‘cutting up’ (62 per cent), ‘tailgating’ (51 per cent) and ‘not saying “thank you”’ (27 per cent), also listed as actions that enraged motorists.

The findings found on average Brits are most likely to be involved in a road rage event every 20 minutes. This calculation meant the study found that we spend, on average, five months of our lives in a road rage event.

The UK’s top ten worst towns and cities for road rage:

1. Lincoln – 61%

2. Portsmouth – 60%

3. Peterborough, Hull, Exeter – 54%

6. Wolverhampton – 52%

7. Bristol – 51%

8. Canterbury – 47%

9. Birmingham, Leeds – 46%

11. Newcastle, Southampton – 43%

13. London – 41%

14. Manchester – 40%

15. Cambridge – 38%

(Table shows the percentage of drivers who regularly experience road rage)

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Jon Scutt

Author Jon Scutt


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